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Why Full Spectrum CBD Is Superior to CBD Isolate for Pain

Athletes push themselves to the limit every day when training, competing, and recovering, and the athlete lifestyle can often come with pain in several areas of the body at once. There are many methods of reducing pain in athletes, but most of them can come with risks and unpleasant side effects that have the potential to disrupt your performance. This has led many people to wonder whether CBD products, like a roll-on, can help pain naturally and without these same drawbacks. 

Learn more about CBD for athletes below! 

Traditional Painkilling Methods for Athletes

When athletes feel pain due to injuries or high-intensity training, many are referred to physical therapy and are instructed to take over-the-counter or prescription painkillers. According to Cleveland Clinic, OTC painkillers can cause a wide variety of side effects, such as increased bruising, bleeding, rashes, blisters, and stomachaches. When mixed with alcohol, they can also lead to liver problems, and those with kidney and liver issues already shouldn’t take certain types of OTC painkillers. 

Prescription painkillers are also highly addictive and can lead to a whole host of other issues, making them a less-than-ideal choice too. So what can be done instead?

A More Natural Alternative: CBD for Athletes

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that passed in the United States, most states have fully legalized the sale of CBD products. This has piqued many people’s curiosity about the substance, especially since most people associate it with a somewhat controversial substance, marijuana. CBD has many helpful properties for the body, such as pain relief from overuse, inflammation, and everyday soreness. 

Many people have had success in using CBD oil for tennis elbow in the form of a CBD pain stick or CBD muscle rub, and others feel near-instant relief from sore muscles and foot pain. As of now, CBD has no major known side effects when applied topically, though other ingredients in salves or oils may irritate some people’s skin. 

CBD PM products can also be used at night to help athletes get adequate sleep and fully recover before the next competition. 

Look for Full-Spectrum CBD 

Not all CBD products are made equal, so it’s important to look for those that are made with high-quality ingredients and are from companies that undergo third-party testing to ensure that they are not contaminated with ingredients not listed on the label. CBD products are also more helpful for pain when they include full-spectrum CBD rather than CBD isolate. 

CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD, meaning that nearly every other component in the hemp plant has been filtered out. Medical News Today states that CBD isolate is crystalline but is usually ground up and sold as a powder. There is a time and a place for CBD isolate, but full-spectrum CBD that includes many of the other helpful components in hemp typically works better for pain relief. 

This is likely due to what many researchers refer to as the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is based on some research that suggests taking CBD with a trace of THC and terpenes, other naturally occurring components in hemp, makes it more effective at helping with or treating certain issues. This is similar to why dietitians recommend whole foods over supplements, as foods also contain fiber, phytochemicals, and tons of other beneficial properties not found in distilled vitamins and minerals. 

As always, more research is needed to uncover the whole story regarding full-spectrum CBD, but we do know that it provides a promising solution to the pain that can slow athletes down. 

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