Become an STB Wholesale Partner

Plain and simple – our products work. Our mission is to get them into the hands of people who need them, and we believe you can help! The more products we have out there, the more people we can help in their journey to strengthen, recover and thrive.

Our premium CBD products have been formulated by experts in sports medicine and herbology. This combination of expertise has created safe, premium quality organic products that are highly effective for an active lifestyle.

Our wholesale partners will have access to our complete line of premium CBD products offered as tinctures and topicals:

  • Balance
  • REM
  • Relief
  • Soothe

Our Partners

We partner with businesses and organizations that strive to be the best in their industry. Our partners support and inspire their clientele to reach higher, go faster and keep trying in their active lifestyle pursuits.

In our mission to share STB (Simply The Best) CBD products with dynamic clients everywhere, we partner with:

Healthcare & holistic practitioners, i.e. chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, sports medicine professionals

Sport/fitness promoters, gym owners, athletic trainers

Independent entrepreneurs and resellers interested in selling CBD

Why Partner With Us

There are endless opportunities to be a wholesale partner with other CBD companies, so why choose STB?

It’s an easy choice. STB sets the bar for premium, highly effective CBD products that are easy to use and affordable. 

Our partners experience several benefits, including:  

  • Premium products and ingredients
  • Competitive pricing model
  • High quality, full spectrum CBD
  • Fast-acting, proprietary formulas
  • High potency and efficacy
  • High safety and consistency standards
  • Third party lab testing results
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Simple ordering process

Wholesale partners have the option to offer our STB branded products to their customers, or rebrand our existing formulations with their own logo/label design.