Why Tinctures and Topicals

Too many choices create confusion. To support your wellbeing, we’ve weeded out the inferior methods of CBD delivery to offer only the very best – tinctures and topicals. Having limited offerings makes it simple for you to select effective solutions.

Your Needs in Alliance with Our Products

Whether requiring solutions for your mind or body, our tinctures and topicals offer convenient delivery methods for your active lifestyle. To help you understand more about our CBD collection and determine which is right for you, here’s a bit more information

What is a Tincture?

A tincture is an infusion extracted from plant materials steeped in an alcohol solution. Alcohol or ethanol extraction is a necessary step in our process because it creates a potent liquid of distilled CBD. We mix that solution with MCT oil, which acts as a natural carrier for optimal absorption into your body.

Sublingual tinctures offer absorption rates much higher than ingestibles, which waste most of their benefits through digestion. Under-the-tongue tinctures are more effective platforms for absorption and provide maximum effectiveness.

While some CBD companies may recommend mixing their tinctures into coffee or other delivery agents to mask the flavor, we do not. To achieve the most significant benefits, follow our suggested usage.


Our tinctures support focus and relaxation with a pleasant neutral taste and easy-to-use dropper.

Fill the dropper to 1 ml and release the tincture under the tongue. For best results, allow it to absorb for approximately 90-120 seconds before swallowing any excess tincture.

What is a Topical?

A topical is the name for a product applied to the skin and not ingested. We’ve chosen a roll-on and salve for their ease of use, quick absorption rates, and ideal delivery methods.


Our salve and roll-on products offer smooth application and safe, immediate relief.

Work the oil into the skin with the rollerball for non-greasy and quickly absorbing results. Once applied, rub into the affected areas of your body. Allow for complete absorption and use throughout the day, up to 4 times, as needed. Avoid the eye area and do not ingest it.

Our roll-on offers therapeutic benefits when worked into acute pain locations such as the wrists or neck. Apply generously and use the rollerball as a massage tool for relief during the day or evening.


Our salve is a wax and oil-based semi-solid healing balm that stays thick and stable for maximum results. Designed with a hands-free applicator, apply it and you are ready to go. It is suitable for high-sweat usage and strenuous workouts.